About my work - G John Rees

About Me and My Work

Even before going through the astronaut / superhero / secret agent phase (which I don't think I've totally escaped in all honesty), I wanted to be an artist! Indeed, art, especially photography, has always been a treasured part of my life. Completing a masters degree in art and design in 2007, blew my mind wide open and of course considerably developed my artistic practice and vision. Although I specialised in graphic design, the course gave me the opportunity to explore different artistic media.

The body of images in this site reflect some of my disparate tastes, interests, media and moods, however, certain themes and subjects recur - particularly identity and abstraction. Although my pictures can be quite witty, conceptual and adopt a film noir aesthetic, there are plenty of images here whose jobs are 'simply' to please the eyes and I hope warm the soul.

My evolving graphic 'style' is increasingly, but not exclusively, characterised by a tightly cropped square format; echoing my ongoing love of album cover artwork and a nostalgia for the excitement and look of Polaroid instant photos. Some of the galleries are punctuated with examples of my graphic design work and the occasional painting - more of which can be seen via the link to my other website.

In her book The Photograph as Contemporary Art, Charlotte Cotton speaks of "photography's enduring capacity to transform even the slightest subject into an imaginative trigger of great import." I hope that this will be evidenced here and that you'll enjoy loosing yourself for a while in my world.

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